Chapel Hill Doctors Partners with Juice Plus+ to Bring You Better Health

Juice Plus+ is a branded line of dietary supplements containing concentrated fruit and vegetable juiceMost people in the developed world today know just how critical good nutrition is to long-term health.

Eating the right foods can not only help prevent certain diseases or disorders but can also help support treatment plans for existing conditions.

The old saying you are what you eat is fundamentally true, and improving our diet can have a marked impact on our lives.

But it’s also true that making healthy choices is tougher with our busy modern lifestyles. Even though we know what we should be doing, it’s hard to make sure we’re actually doing it.

A Partnership for Patient Health

Chapel Hill Doctors has always been about providing the very best in holistic health care to our patients. It’s why we created the Chapel Hill Integrative Health Center, and it’s why we are always open to creating partnerships with companies offering beneficial products and services that make a real difference.

Juice Plus+ is one of those products.

We are careful to partner with only the best brands, and the overwhelming clinical study results, proven nutritional and health benefits and stellar reputation of the Juice Plus+ line of products spoke for themselves. Juice Plus+ was a great choice for our patients.

The Juice Plus+ Difference

When we first considered offering our clients a nutritional supplement as part of our holistic medical services, the fact that Juice Plus+ is the most researched brand name nutritional supplement caught our attention. Then we read the peer-reviewed medical journal studies into this product’s effects on conditions as diverse as a healthier immune system, improved cardiovascular health, reduced oxidative stress, reduced DNA damage, and healthier skin and gums.

It was immediately clear that if we wanted to promote optimal health to our patients, we needed to be educating them about the huge lifestyle health benefits of Juice Plus+.

Make One Simple Change

One of the core principles of the company behind the Juice Plus+ range of concentrated juice capsules, chewables, snack bars and shakes is that all it takes to start the journey to better health is to make One Simple Change.

By offering our customers the full line of Juice Plus+ products, as well as advice and information about how to best integrate them with their lifestyles, we hope to be a part of that catalyst to healthier living.

If you’re ready to make One Simple Change in your life, talk to our Center’s Juice Plus+ representatives, Tiffany and Maya, at the front desk, or visit this website.