Integrative and Functional Medicine

Dr. Davis has been in practice for over thirty years as an internist and has focused on integrative medicine for the past fifteen years. A graduate of the University of Virginia Medical School, she completed her internship and residency in New York at the Social Medicine Program of Montefiore and the internal medicine program at Harlem Hospital Center/Columbia Medical School. Dr. Davis has worked extensively in primary care medicine, HIV/AIDS and geriatrics. Affiliated with multiple medical institutions through her career in academic and hospital based programs, she has focused on primary care medicine and the development of community based programs. Indeed it was her focus on community based health care and provider training that helped fuel her interest in maximizing her education in integrative and functional medicine. Her concerns were changing the dynamics of the patient provider relationship and developing the support needed in living with chronic illnesses.As an individual who lives with chronic illness, she became acutely aware of what needs could and could not be addressed by our high tech and procedure oriented medical system.

As a provider who strives to educate herself and her patients to the best options available for prevention, care and treatment, Dr. Davis continues to study both conventional/allopathic medicine as well as integrative and functional care. She has been a medical acupuncturist since 2002 and studies with Kiiko Matsumoto, a renowned international teacher who founded the medical acupuncture course at Harvard Medical School as well as other acupuncture traditions. Dr. Davis is board certified in Internal Medicine and holistic and integrative Medicine. Dr. Davis completed a fellowship with the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.

For new appointments, please call 919-636-4125. To discuss your case, Dr. Davis offers free 15 minute consultations by phone or in person.