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Headache Specialty Care

Headache Care at Integrative Health Center:

Remy Coeytaux, MD, PhD is a family physician and clinical scientist with research and clinical expertise in the treatment of headache in the primary care setting. He co-authored the chapter on headache in the first and second editions of the Integrative Medicine text edited by David Rakel. Dr. Coeytaux was the Principle Investigator of a NIH-funded clinical trial that demonstrated that acupuncture is effective in the treatment of chronic daily headache.

New patients should make a one-hour appointment with Dr. Coeytaux. During that visit, Dr. Coeytaux will conduct a thorough medical evaluation. He will recommend further testing (if needed), discuss medication options, and recommend one or more treatment options. Follow-up care will then be provided as required. Dr. Coeytaux will work to help you understand the cause(s) of your headaches and to help you obtain the best possible relief of pain. He will guide you and advise you about the many different medications and treatment options available to you.


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