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The Integrative Health Center of Chapel Hill is home to individual and group practices in Western medicine, Eastern medicine and complementary therapies.

Whether you are coming for an annual check-up, headache or chronic pain management, counseling, or an acupuncture treatment, you will find a healthcare environment committed to excellence, ease, open-mindedness and the care of your whole being—body, mind and spirit.

By working under one roof and sharing their areas of expertise, medical doctors and complementary therapists at the Center can work individually and/or collaboratively to offer you a broad perspective and range of medical and therapeutic services in an integrated environment.

At the Center, you can experience the benefits of complementary therapies such as mind/body therapies for stress and balance; craniosacral therapy for headaches; nutritional and herbal therapies for optimal health; ayurveda therapies for chronic disease care; and much more. You can learn whether or not the supplements you are currently taking are safe or even necessary. You can explore new ways to add more movement to your daily life in a pain-free way. You can learn about specific self-care strategies that can help you maintain health and vitality over the long term.

Come discover what others have found at the Center—a wonderful place to call home for many of your healthcare needs.

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