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Nutrition Specialists

Leslie Fischer PhD, MPH, RD

Leslie Fischer is a Research Assistant Professor in the Nutrition Department at the UNC School of Public Health. She received her Bachelors Degree in Genetics at the University of Georgia in Athens, and her PhD in Developmental and Molecular Biology at Columbia University in New York. After working for 2 years as an Assistant Professor of Biology at Bosphorus University in Istanbul, Turkey, she received an MPH in Public Health Nutrition at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is also a Registered Dietitian. Leslie currently conducts human nutrition intervention studies and her primary research interest is the interrelationship between nutrients/plant constituents and normal development/disease processes. Specifically, she is studying how key micronutrients (i.e. choline) and phytochemicals (i.e. soy isoflavones) may enhance brain development/function, as well as promote health and prevent disease. Over the past 2 years, Leslie has also worked for Hannaford Grocery Stores in Maine to develop the first ever storewide nutrition navigation system which helps consumers choose foods at a glance with the highest nutritional quality. This program was just adopted by Sweetbay Supermarkets in Florida, and will soon appear at Food Lion stores nationwide. Finally, Leslie is passionate about cooking, especially Mediterranean dishes, and has a deep appreciation for the enjoyment and health-promoting benefits of simple, delicious foods.

Brigitte Stephenson, MPH, RD, LDN

Brigitte Stephenson is a Research Associate in the Department of Nutrition at the UNC School of Public Health, where she earned both her Bachelors and Masters of Public Health degrees prior to becoming a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. Brigitte has worked over the past five years conducting nutrition-based clinical trials—specifically to determine the human dietary requirement (RDA) of the nutrient choline, as well as to study the effects of supplemental choline during pregnancy and lactation on infant brain development.

Using the latest scientific findings translated into practical nutritional advice, Brigitte is dedicated to improving the health of her community by empowering her clients with knowledge to make positive lifestyle changes with her support and guidance. Unlike strict diets, which often deny a person’s favorite foods, Brigitte creates personalized nutrition care plans which are carefully designed to help her clients build a comfortable, honest and enjoyable relationship with healthy eating in a non-judgmental environment. As eating and optimal nutrition become more intuitive, a healthy weight can be achieved naturally (without dieting).

Brigitte also believes that our personal well being is connected to the health of our planet. Therefore, she practices and encourages sustainable living—eating locally and organic as much as is realistic (given individual circumstances). Brigitte can guide you to healthful food choices that make sense for you and the environment.

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