55 Vilcom Center, Suite 110, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Our Professionals

Integrative Health Center of Chapel Hill is home to the individual practices of medical doctors, acupuncturists, massage mind-body therapists, counselors, nutrition and other specialists. These professionals have located their practices at the Center because they believe in a whole-person approach to medical and health care. Individually, and as part of a collaborative whole, they are committed to addressing your different needs—medical, nutritional, physical, and psychological—in a cohesive manner. Your doctor can talk with your nutrition specialist, for example, or your acupuncturist can work alongside a massage therapist on your behalf. Working in one location, and committed to working across medical and therapeutic disciplines, the providers at the Integrative Health Center are committed to addressing all of the components of your health and well-being. The result? More ease and continuity in getting your health care needs addressed in a comprehensive way.

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