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Mind-Body Therapies

Mental and spiritual health are important components of one’s overall health and sense of well-being.

Cynthia Flowers, LPC, RCST, LMBT
Integral Therapy: combining counseling, craniosacral therapy, and energetic healing

Cynthia Flowers is a licensed professional counselor, a craniosacral practitioner, and an energetic healer with thirty years of experience in the healing arts. She brings a capacity to listen deeply and compassionately with both her hands and her heart. Her work rests on the principle that there is an inherent health present in each of us, even when it is not apparent. Our task together is to align with that health and follow its lead. Healing support for life transitions, relationship issues, depression, anxiety and fear, trauma, illness and chronic pain, loneliness and alienation, and stress.

60 minute session: $110

Eric Garland, MSW, LCSW, NIH Pre-doctoral Fellow in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Counseling and Clinical Hypnosis

Eric Garland, MSW, LCSW offers counseling, psychotherapy, and clinical hypnosis for individuals, couples, and families. Eric’s practice is pragmatic and solution-focused. He challenges his clients to grow as he gives them the emotional support and tools to do so. He is not a passive therapist; instead, he offers practical concrete solutions and techniques that help you progress towards your goals. His therapy style is designed to generate insight as well as behavior change. He has successfully assisted clients with diverse issues including depression; anxiety; alchohol, cigarette, and drug addiction; sleep difficulties; psychosomatic issues; parent-child and marital conflict; trauma; physical and sexual abuse, and self esteem issues, among others. Eric is certified in clinical hypnosis from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis is a powerful, evidence-based therapeutic tool that has been shown through research to have profound physical and mental health benefits (to learn more, click http://asch.net/genpubinfo.htm). Eric also draws upon mindfulness-based cognitive behavior therapy, solution-focused therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, brief strategic family therapy and gestalt therapy. He selects from among these modalities to customize and individualize his treatment stategy for the unique needs of each client.

50-minute initial visit: $110
50-minute appointment for individual therapy: $100
50-minute appointment for family or couples therapy: $110


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